venerdì 25 febbraio 2011

the box

The Box lyrics
Songwriters: Lascelles;

Once upon a time in the land of Hushabye
Around about the wondrous days of yore
They came across a sort of box
Bound up with chains and locked with locks
And labeled, "Kindly do not touch, it's war"

Decree was issued round about all with a flourish and a shout
And a gaily colored mascot tripping lightly on the fore
"Don't fiddle with this deadly box
Or break the chains, or pick the locks
And please, don't ever play about with war

Well, the children understood, children happen to be good
They were just as good around the time of yore
They didn't try to pick the locks
Or break into that deadly box
They never tried to play about with war

Mommies didn't either, sisters, aunts, grannies neither
'Cause they were quiet and sweet and pretty
In those wondrous days of yore
Well, very much the same as now, not the ones to blame somehow
For opening up that deadly box of war

But someone did, someone battered in the lid
And spilled the insides out across the floor
A sort of bouncy bumpy ball made up of guns and flags

And all the tears and horror and the death that goes with war

It bounced right out and went bashing all about
And bumping into everything in store
And what was sad and most unfair
Is that it didn't really seem to care
Much who it bumped, or why, or what, or for

It bumped the children mainly, and I'll tell you this quite plainly
It bumps them everyday and more and more
And leaves them dead and burned and dying
Thousands of them sick and crying
'Cause when it bumps, it's really very sore

Now there's a way to stop the ball, it isn't difficult at all
All it takes is wisdom
I'm absolutely sure that we could get it back into the box
And bind the chains and lock the locks
No one seems to want to save the children anymore

Well, that's the way it all appears
'Cause it's been bouncing 'round for years and years
In spite of all the wisdom whizzed since those wondrous days of yore
And the time they came across the box
Bound up with chains and locked with locks
And labeled, "Kindly do not touch, it's war"(From:

La scatola

La scatola
Una volta nella terra di Hushabye
Mi sono imbattuto in una sorta di scatola
Legata con catene e chiusa a chiave
Ed etichettata gentilmente non toccare, guerra

Fu emanato un Decreto vietato toccare
le mascotte colorata allegramente giocavano sulla scatola e sulle sue serrature.
gentilmente non toccare, guerra

Ebbene, i bambini capirono di non la toccarono e si sforzarono
di essere buoni in quella meravigliosa atmosfera di gioia
Non provarono a forzare le serrature, o a rompere quella scatola mortale
Non provarono mai a giocare con la guerra

Non lo fecero le mamme,ne le sorelle, le zie o le nonne
Perché loro erano tranquilli, dolci e graziosi in quella meravigliosa atmosfera di gioia
Bene, molto simile come adesso, nessuno osava aprirle la scatola
Per aprire quella scatola mortale della guerra

Ma qualcuno l’ ha fatto
Qualcuno ruppe il coperchio e fece versare l’interno al suolo.
Una sorta di palla gonfiabile, irregolare composto da fucili e bandiere di
lacrime e l'orrore e la morte che va con la guerra

E 'rimbalzata a destra fuori E andò su tutti i cespugli
E sbatteva contro tutto
E ciò che era triste e più ingiusto è che non si curava di chi urtava
O perché, o che cosa, o per………

Colpiva soprattutto i bambini
E ciò era assai evidente
Li colpiva ogni giorno e sempre di più e li lasciava morti e bruciati o
Migliaia di loro erano malati e piangevano
Perché quando la cosa li urtava era d’avvero molto dolorante

Ora c'è un modo per fermare la palla non è difficile
Tutto ciò che serve è la saggezza, io sono assolutamente sicuro che avremmo potuto rimetterla di nuovo nella scatola, incatenarla bloccare le serrature
Nessuno sembra voler salvare i bambini

Beh, la guerra continua ad esserci,
così appare
nonostante tutte le precauzioni prese all’inizio in quei giorni meravigliosi di gioia, quando la scatola era legata con catene e chiusa con chiavi
Ed etichettata gentilmente non toccare, guerra

mercoledì 29 settembre 2010

My alphabet

B – BICYCLE – I usually ride on it when I have some free time
C – CHILDREN – I love them! However, not too many at a time;)
D – DRIVING LICENCE – I have had it since I was 18 :) a useful thing
E – ENGLISH – knowing English will be helpful in communicating with other people abroad, you can make friends with foreigners:)
F – FRIENDSHIP – friendship & love, the most beautiful feelings
G – GREAT BRITAIN – a place worth visiting
H – HOLIDAY – time to get rest and gather strength for another school year:)
I – ICE-CREAM – delicious with whipped cream and fruit
J – JOGGING – I have been planning to start it for years...without a single success:P
K – KNOWLEDGE – necessary to pass an exam :-)
L – LILY OF THE VALLEY – my favourite flower, I like its delicate fragrance :)
M – MOBILE PHONE – to have instant contact with my family and friends
N – NEIGHBOURHOOD – so many of you live in my neighbourhood...
O – OPTIMIST – I am one:)
P – PATIENCE – being a teacher requires it... a lot!
Q – QUESTIONS – you ask me a lot of them :)
R – RING – I like wearing it :)
S – SEASIDE – I love spending my holidays there...
T – TABLE TENNIS – I love playing it! :-)
U – UNIVERSITY – I have a lot of beautiful memories from my studies at university :)
V – VEGETARIAN – I can’t imagine being one...
W – WALK – I love long walks along the coastline
X – X-MAS – my favourite family holiday
Y – YACHT – I would like to sail on it in the future
Z – ZODIAC – do you believe in the horoscopes? I don’t...